Slide Arm

Quick update on the progress of the house. We have been busy every week since the collection of the key, from choosing tiles (will be getting to that soon) and confirming some of the appliances purchases. Other than renovation, we also have been meeting up with the wedding coordinator to plan for the upcoming big day next year. So….yeah! Exciting times indeed!

I arranged for the door closer technician to come over this weekend to fix the door so it will be much easier for the contractors to get their stuff through the door instead of propping it up anyhow.

There are a few things to note for the slide arm:

  • It must be affixed to an existing door closer
  • It is able to hold the door open at any 1 point
  • Comes in many colours to match your existing door closer/for your theme
  • Can do away with the unsightly door magnet on the wall behind the door

I consulted my ID and he advised me of the desired opening angle of the door. However when the technician came down for the installation, he instead advised me to do the max opening first as this will then ensure that the contractors will have maximum space to work with. Only upon fabrication of the cabinet will I be required to set a new angle. I engaged Uni-Arm as they were the first to get back to me with an installation date, despite the fact that they are more expensive (slightly) compared to the other companies.

Adjusting the soft closing mechanism will be done at the closer. The first screw will control the latch (1~15%) and the outer and 2nd screw will control the hinge mechanism (15~95%). The total installation process only took about 5 minutes and the next 5 to 10 minutes was me asking him the know how of the slide-arm. The holding position of the door can be easily adjusted by an allen key to a stopper in the slide track and I strongly everyone to get a slide arm for convenience sake. Sharing some of the companies that are offering the product and service below:

Prices are compeitive with just about $10~$15 difference depending on the range of colours.

(Stopper as shown in the photo)

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