Marble Dining Table

Since we will be choosing a marble lookalike quartz (Venas Blanco from Lian Hin) for our kitchen countertop, I have decided that having a marble dining table to connect to the peninsula will complement it the best. I listed 2 places to visit on Saturday: Martlewood and Greyhammer.


Location: 14 Arumugam Road #04-06 LTC Building C, Singapore 409959 (Next to MacPherson MRT Station)

Opening hours: Saturdays 11am – 6pm / Weekdays by appointment

Price: $$



The salesperson that attended to us was Heidi, a very patient and friendly lady. We were shown the marble catalog before she went on to walk us through on the customization services that they provide. They offer quite an extensive selection of materials but we were only focused on white marble. The whites are imported from Greece, Italy or Turkey, Nero Marquina black marble from China and the grey from Portugal or Spain. However, I learnt that marble is not classified by their country of origin but more of their colour and vein patterns.

Their marble comes in slabs of 2cm and is cut locally. Before confirming the marble slab that is to be used, Heidi will go down to the factory, take some photos of the better pieces and will communicate with the customer. This process will enable you to be able to pick the vein pattern of your choice.

Average weight of table: +/- 100kg
Height: 76cm
Default slab thickness: 2cm (can be adjusted)
Marble finishing available: Polished, Honed, Antique
Base: Steel, powder coated black / Wood
Price: Starting from $2,200 for a 180cm/90cm table



Location: 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-40 Vertex, Singapore 408868

Opening hours: 10am – 6pm (Monday – Friday) / 12pm – 6pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Price: $$$



It was quite the walk from Martlewood to Greyhammer as we found out the hard way. But if you into roasted meat, you will pass by a row of shops selling it. A quick search online showed up a rather popular stall which goes by the name of Yan Chuan Roaster. At Vertex there will be much more shopping options with the likes of Bathroom Warehouse, Cellini, Bath Labz etc. The crowd was relatively sparce at most of the showrooms but we found that people were gathered at Greyhammer.

Unlike Martlewood, their marble are imported from Italy and there are much more designs for the legs of the table to choose from. 

The Andro legs looked so good and we were pretty sold the moment we laid our eyes on it. However, the prices at Greyhammer is much higher than that of Martlewood. There are plenty of well made coffee tables too which would really complement the dining table selected. They do not have any sales catalog at Greyhammer and you will need to enquire about the price with the salesperson there.

At promotional prices for a 180cm table, it will start from $2,899 and a whooping $3,500 for a 200cm variant with the Andro legs (we asked for it). The bigger sized coffee tables you see in the photo are priced at $899. They even sell tissue holders made of marble at $300 a piece.

I guess for now, our hunt for the marble table will have to continue as we will hold it out for future promotions or cheaper options elsewhere. Do let me know in the comments section if you have any other recommendations.

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